Conference Presentation: Media, Gender & Religion

The Sixth International Conference on Media, Gender & Religion hosted by The Center for Media, Religion and Culture
January 7-10, 2016   University of Colorado Boulder

Panel:Gender, Violence and Media: Representation, Protest, Surveillance
Chair: Polly McLean, University of Colorado Boulder, USA

Elonda Clay, VU University, Amsterdam, “Please Use My Story, Please Use My Tragedy, Please Use My Broken Heart”: The Role of Media in Shaping U.S. Black Mothers’ Repertoire of Protest Against Police Violence”

Samira Rajabi, University of Colorado Boulder, USA: “The Ritual of Viewing: Myths Fostered by INGO Representations and the Gendering of Victims”

Ruth Tsuria, Texas A&M University, USA: “Jewish Sexuality Online – Open Spaces?”