Media, DNA Ancestry, & African American Identity
Mediated Science, Genetics and Identity in the U.S. African Diaspora

Archives, Politics of Archival Collection and Representation
We Are What We Archive

Black Theology, Black Theology in Mediatized Worlds, Black Theology and Technology
A Black Theology of Liberation or Legitimation? A Postcolonial Response to Cone’s Black Theology and Black Power at Forty

Subtle impact: technology trends and the black church

Technology, Churches, and Society: Challenges, Opportunities, and Possibilities 

Hip Hop & Religion
#NOWTHATSRELIGIONANDHIPHOP: Mapping the Terrain of Religion and Hip Hop in Cyberspace

These Gods Got Swagger: Avatars, Gameplay, and the Digital Performance of Hip Hop Culture in Machinima

Two turntables and a microphone: Turntablism, ritual and implicit religion

Africana Religions & Ecology
How Does It Feel to be an Environmental Problem? Studying Religion and Ecology in the African Diaspora

African American Religious & Civic Environmentalism (bibliography)