Editing Services

Editing Services

I provide fast and friendly editing services. In most cases, I can return your paper or presentation back to you in a day or two.

My rates are very affordable at $3.60 per page for proofreading and $6.00 per page for copy-writing, which is roughly $25/hr for editing.

Editing Rates:

$12 / 1000 wds.
$3.60 / page

$20 / 1000 wds.
$6.00 / page

$55 / 1000 wds.
$16.50 / page

Because I work independently, I can offer you professional quality at lower cost. You can choose from a standard range of services (see below) or you can request a custom rate tailored more precisely to your writing project.

In today’s academic climate, there’s very little room for error. Your instructor, professor, graduate school admissions committee, or scholarship-granting foundation expect that the documents you submit to them will be grammatically perfect.

Whether you’re an undergraduate student, a graduate researcher, or someone needing to prepare an article or book for publication, your written work will benefit immediately from the improvements I can make to it.

I have been editing various types of written materials for 10 years. During that time, I have edited every kind of writing, from  student English essays and published articles to academic books. I give professional attention to every manuscript, while honoring your unique voice and style. Your intended message will shine through with improved clarity and correct usage.

While making every effort to ensure that your writing is error-free, I also try to maintain the integrity of the author’s voice and personal style. I believe that if you can speak, you can write. My job is not to replace your voice with mine, but to work with your natural style to make sure it reads clearly and flows smoothly, for the best effect.

To get started right away with help for your writing project, click to go directly to the order page, where you can choose the rate most appropriate for your work, and a form of secure payment.