Mechanical Production, Sound, Hip Hop, and Aura

Today we will examine and discuss mechanical reproduction in light of contemporary music and sound practices. Can reproduced sound have an aura? What makes turntablism an artistic medium? What are the aesthetic differences between sampling and music production and sampling during turntable performance?

Case Study #1 – Sampling and Music/Technological Production: JDilla, Music Producer and Beatmaker
Play entire clip – 1:38

Play until 2:30

Play entire video clip – 2:49

Case Study #2 – Sampling and Music/Technological Performance
DMC World DJ Championship 2017 – Winner DJ Rena

DJ Livia – Run DMC Tribute

Best DJ Duo 2017 DMC Team World Champions – The FresherThans

LA DMC DJ Patty Clover (No Computer)

Scratch Circle! Wow!

DJ Puffy’s Winning Set at 2016 Red Bull Thre3style World Finals